The more sophisticated a mobile phone smartphone, then there will be a lot of programs applications that are on it. Because it will affect the battery power of the mobile phone or smartphone and will more often run out, and this will make the battery will be damaged and will tend to leak. To avoid this, there are accessories mobile phone or smartphone that serves as a backup battery and make mobile phone or smartphone on continuously and you do not need to worry about this if on a long journey. But for mobile phone accessories or smartphone has a higher price than the other accessories are available in Power bank Pisen RUMAH IT. Bank power prices in our store including cheap.


Indonesia has the opportunity to become the Mecca of Islamic fashion world.As a majority of the people of Muslim countries, Indonesia has many Muslim fashion designers who excel in the international arena.

"Indonesia has a great potential to become a fashion mecca of Muslims in the world. In addition to having talented Muslim fashion designers, fashion Muslim population size makes fast growing," said Diajeng Lestari, CEO HijUp.com.

muslim fashion week

One of the efforts to achieve the vision of Indonesian Muslim fashion mecca of the world is to introduce the work of Indonesian designers to the international stage. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2015 could be the first step in realizing that dream.

Because the Indonesian Muslim fashion designers managed to escape and were invited into the international fashion event.

Anggriani blessing will represent Indonesia in the biggest fashion event in Japan.

She displays her latest collection titled Femme de la Creme.

Sentence from the French idiom meaning the best of the best.

I was expecting a woman who uses fashion design I can be the best woman, he said.

He will Autumn Winter 2015 fashion show with a touch of Indonesia.

If most of the designers chose a traditional cloth as the hallmark of Indonesia, the other with Restu choice.

The young woman is choosing webbing as Indonesia touch in fashion design.

According to him, Indonesia has a lot of interesting things including webbing.

With ETU label, clothing representing the Islamic dress for work.

Cuts and styles are inspired clothing Menswear who have boxy and oversized pieces.

Two things are in accordance with the provisions of Muslim clothes or model baju muslim should not show the body shape.

According to the Maya, ahead of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) can be used as introductions Indonesian products in the international eye.

But, of course, prepared products must meet international quality.

Women who had worked at the company's market research tells many foreign companies, especially fashion brand that wants to open a branch in Indonesia.

This behavior is driven research that shows the Indonesian market is very strategic.

Maya adds, the country must demonstrate its ability to introduce products to the foreign countries. One of them Muslim clothing products.

Restu also emphasizes go international effort requires a lot of support.

A dream and an idea without support he thought was just going to end up as a hope.

However, if all parties work together, it is impossible even thought could become a reality.

Through this Islamic dress, Maya and Restu look forward to supporting the Indonesian economy as well as the name of the country both on the international stage.

A first smartphone using 4 Gb Ram and use the Intel Atom Z3580 2.3 GHz quad-core processors that Asus ZenFone 2. Normally most other major smartphones using 3 Gb Ram, not with Asus ZenFone 2 is very different compared to other smartphones. For the back of the smartphone is the same design as the LG G3 which hindquarters slightly curved to put the volume control buttons on the back.

For spesifikasi Asus ZenFone 2 is a smartphone 152.5 x 77.2 x dimension of 10.9 mm with a weight of 170 grams, the screen size of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1080p x 1920 pixels. For the internal memory will be divided into 3 parts : 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB and Ram also be divided by 2 to 2 Gb and 4 Gb. Android OS 5.0 (lollipops), the processor will be in for the Intel Atom Z3580 2 Quad-core 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3560 and Quad-core 1.8 GHz. Connectivity will be LTE, 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front. For the same as Asus ZenFone battery before using the battery plant.

Lots of great stores or official who wait for the presence Asus ZenFone 2, one of the official store in collaboration with Asus is rumah it. This store is expecting once the presence of this sophisticated smartphone. Not only that, even loyal customers also can not wait for the presence of Asus ZenFone 2.

Needs of each month we certainly are numerous, ranging from the need for food to toiletries. Toppers if discharged payday monthly needs like shopping in a supermarket not? Usually, whatever you buy? Soap, shampoo, instant noodles, cooking oil, garlic or knives?


women shopping at the grocery

Definitely a lot huh ... So many of our needs, sometimes shopping at the supermarket can make the bag burst because we can not put the brakes on our desire to buy this and that.

Especially the girl ya that is needs much more than boys. Moreover, it is the nature of that girl really like shopping, so prefer not aware that the monthly groceries in the trolley already a mountain. When I was willing to pay at the cashier, the total money to be paid is way to big.

Yeah, it's arguably the monthly needs of the primary needs but you do not have to spend the budget for that just right? You also need to budget to pay bills, pulse, and clothing needs.
Well, that's why here toped will love you very useful tips so you do not extravagant when grocery shopping or monthly grocery shopping at the supermarket. You can try to follow these tips so Toppers let remain efficient in managing money.

Shopping Cart

Make a shopping list of the most powerful ways to avoid too much to spend money when shopping. So you do not need to buy things you do not actually need. To prepare this grocery list, you should see the stock you need at home, such as toiletries, skin care products, food ingredients, and others.

Note also the scale of priorities, which one you need the most and which items should be purchased in the next month. When already in the supermarket, you also have to follow the shopping list you have created for the plan to downsize your success.
Shopping list

Determine Budget
From the shopping list you have created, you now have to determine the budget. Estimate how much money to spend monthly. By limiting the budget, you will not wasteful take stuff you do not need. Make sure the budget is determined according to the number of the number of items you want to buy.
Pay By Cash
Why must pay in cash? Research shows that people tend to spend more money around 20-50% when paying with a credit or debit card. Toppers are also experiencing the same thing, right? If we pay using the card, we will not feel're spending money because the money is not real so we do not worry if you make a lot of shopping. Whereas if you pay cash, you will feel much money have you spend so you can control the wear.

Pay at cashier

Do any of you know Toppers, also spending time in the need to right. You know why? Because sometimes shopping can be exhausting activity, especially if you're shopping in busy times such as at night or weekend. Usually when you're exhausted you become more sensitive and eventually spending into an outlet not controlled as above conditions are not excellent body and positive. So, you should consider the appropriate time for shopping, which is the time where you feel very excited. Take also the time to break in the middle of shopping to avoid fatigue.
shopping in supermarket

Shopping by Yourself

Time becomes more efficient when you go shopping alone. Usually when you're shopping with a friend, he would suggest you to buy this and that which is you don't need exactly. In addition, competition factors shopping with my friends also make you to spend a lot. Therefore, if you go shopping at the supermarket should you go yourself you do not let excessive spending.

Avoid Shopping When Hungry, tired, bored, or Disappointed
Your mental state affects your desire to shop know Toppers. Moreover, shopping is one of the cure emotions were in turmoil. Instead you are controlled by the emotional ups and downs and finally non-stop shopping, the better you go shopping when the mood is happy.
shopping in supermarket

Well, it turns out a lot to consider before you go shopping at the supermarket huh? Yeah dong, these tips really help you that want to save money and do not want wasteful when monthly shopping needs. May be useful yes ...

Braces are currently being rapidly adopted by people who want to have teeth that are neat and orderly. Not many teeth install stirrup just for style and to meet the contemporary trends. No matter what the reasons people go to the dentist to fix teeth that neat or just plug the stirrup.

For types of dental braces you can check it out at http://www.behellepaspasang.co

Function dental braces or stirrup is actually is to flatten the teeth by pushing and holding the movement of the teeth. With this stirrup braces very well be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face, at the time of speaking and smile.
But of course there is a problem if the stirrup mounted gear not considered also the condition of his health.

The health of the teeth need to be considered. Not only maintenance on the tools used, but also the style of eating or so should also be noted. More than that, there are also food taboos that do not need to be consumed, one example is chewing gum.

For the health of your teeth for braces so users need to be considered by the user braces itself. As well Tips For Caring Dental Berbehel as follows.

Special Brush & Tooth Paste
It is very important and should also listen to the recommendations of the dentist. Use a special toothbrush for orthodontic. Because of this brush has bristles smooth and good for cleaning teeth berbehel. For toothpaste own use toothpaste with a complete formula and really good for barbed teeth. Choose a toothpaste that has recommended a doctor or a special toothpaste for teeth berbehel users.

After performing as a regular toothbrush with a brush and special toothpaste. Highly recommended for cleaning the mouth and teeth by rinsing. Gargle with mouthwash was as useful as a mouth wash mouth ordinary cleaners available in the market and of course that is already trusted.

Avoid Gum &  Junk Food

Certainly already know that chewing gum has a smooth texture and easily attached to the surface in the mouth. Therefore, avoid the consumption of chewing gum. For hard-textured food alone can make braces easily separated for the small pieces in advance if you want to eat hard textured foods such as fruits or other foods as well in order to avoid the pain.

Other Abstinence
The food that does not need to be consumed in order to avoid the teeth of the things that does not want is to not eat foods such as caramel corn or whole. For drinks that should be avoided are ice cubes and soft drinks. Soft drinks contain that may lead to the formation of plaque in the mouth, especially around braces.

Use Dental Floss
Sometimes for users braces, treatment is felt to be more complicated than usual. Use extra special toothbrush or if necessary to use dental floss or dental floss to clean Area braces.

Routine check to Dentist
Check the latest conditions braces is recommended for users berbehel teeth. Consult a doctor braces conditions. Keep track of developments braces for about 6 months or 3 months it is better to do a check-up.

How to Brush Teeth
To perform maintenance properly is to do a good brush way, ie by brushing the top with a brush and a special pasta. Start rub from left to right direction. Brush as usual brushing teeth however, needs to be done evenly and slowly so as not to wire itself is not easily separated.

New Users
For novice users or installed new times, usually use braces can cause pain relief such as thrush or teeth also squeezed for days. To that end, the proper way to handle it is to make warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt. Gargle the one with the herb mixture. If the pain and the pain is unbearable try to drink and have an aspirin.

Diligent Toothbrush After Eating
Other tips are very simple is always bringing dental care supplies such as toothbrushes and paste anywhere. So, after eating can immediately clean it so it does not stick and stuck in braces and will certainly make your mouth cleaner and fresher.

Tips for dental braces users above can you make as enlightenment for braces users. Hope it is useful.